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Goldenes Gift

Build My Gallows High

USA, 1947
Thriller, Krimi, Film noir

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Privatdetektiv Jeff nimmt einen Auftrag von einem Gangster an: Jeff soll dessen Freundin Kitty suchen, die sich mit vierzigtausend Dollar aus dem Staub gemacht hat. Jeff findet die Flüchtige schließlich in Acapulco und verliebt sich in sie. Doch bald taucht Jeffs alter Partner Fisher auf.

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Goldenes Gift Regie Jacques Tourneur
Mitchum’s homme fatale was distinct, “oddly subversive,” as the more appreciative Andrew Sarris put it. In Out of the Past, he no sooner enters a room charged with tension, when, without breaking his stride, his fist flies out, flooring a mouthy wannabe heavy. The impulse is rote, but behind it is a gut-tested ethos: lightning appraisal of who’s in the way and what they’re made of, triggering decisive action… While the gesture is pure noir, Mitchum lends it a soulful mien.
September 29, 2017
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Many of [Mitchum’s] films could have been called Out of the Past, like Jacques Tourneur’s sublime, definitive noir, in which Mitchum floats from place to place like a sleeper through a series of ravishing yet uneasy dreams.
September 03, 2017
The film’s downbeat ending draws a sceptical conclusion, suggesting that past mistakes are impossible to overcome, and salvation is not available, even to those who want it. However, aside from the story’s often daunting complexity, Out of the Past is nonetheless a captivating study in male pride, stung by the lethal wiles of a dangerous woman. Undoubtedly, within this traditionally ill-fated and perversely crooked world, the mood of obsession was never more powerfully suggestive.
March 17, 2017
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