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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    Wim Wenders feels like David Lynch with a heart and soul like Lynch feels like Wim Wenders without a soul and heart - if you know what I mean. Interesting to see how similar they are, especially this film is hauntingly so. It is so easy to understand how a man can be consumed and destroyed by love and jealousy when one has a young Nat Kinski as girlfriend. A movie that will leave lasting scars on soul and mind.

  2. Maria Anevret's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas is a beautiful film with a creative story. It feels honest (not forced) in its present. I get the feeling that is it done with a perfectionistic mindset. The acting like everything else done in the film is excellent! I warmly recommend this films to others!

  3. Rai's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    A beautiful film that always makes me reflect on family. It's undeniable bond and the sacrifices that you make for those you love. Its a film about many things, but I always think about the lost man without family and how only family and love was able to save him. This movie speaks to the mistakes that we make along the way, how we can hurt family, but how the love that once was ,remains even if in a different form.

  4. troopsofdoom's rating of the film Paris, Texas

  5. tim's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    A visually stunning tale of vengeance of a broken and sick drunk who leaves a trail of destruction and heartbreak as he stumbles around Texas, tears out and displaces his already displaced son into an unhealthy, although romantic, environment of single motherhood.

  6. Iulian's rating of the film Paris, Texas

  7. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    Gorgeous. The second half is an emotional masterpiece. The first half feels like an early Soderbergh indie. Both good things wrapped up vaguely, but correctly by the end.

  8. alvin leong's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    'Alice in the Cities'........ in colour. Thank you Robby Muller.

  9. Christopher Jacobs's rating of the film Paris, Texas

  10. Dan and Val Freeman's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    Genius on so many levels ... hadn't seen this for 20 years and boy has this aged well - the acting, the score, the pacing, the colours ... all superb. The only thing that's dated is Dean Stockwell's hat! And Harry Dean (RIP) is astonishingly good, especially in the mute scenes with his brother early on. A film not afraid to linger ... every second packed full of emotion. Genius.

  11. tealeaves's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    It looks and sounds good and I like the humour and lots of the story and characters. But it fails to properly develop or care about the Jane character - she doesn't seem like a real woman, just a projection. If that's meant to be the point, well, it's not a very good point if you don't go on to explore her complexity. So the ending left me frustrated which was very disappointing because I loved the rest.

  12. Katherine Lo's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    This may not be your favourite love story - but the vibrancy in Wenders' characters and colours in the scenes made it really special. It is witty yet emotional. Some heartbreaking monologues. Did I already mention beautifully shot.

  13. hennafeather's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    No words for the feeling this film expresses

  14. alex's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    Masterpiece by Wim Wenders. Wraped in emotion.

  15. patrickmcdonald99's rating of the film Paris, Texas

  16. Jolly's rating of the film Paris, Texas

  17. phrag_aardvark's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    Saw this again for the first time in years. I spent the last 20 mins bawling my eyes out. I never cry at films. Wife thought I’d gone mad

  18. Epinephrin's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    Great story, great acting (especially Hunter and Travis) and what marvelous cinematography. This film is a delight for photographers, the colors and the combination of colors are astonishing. That red which is almost omnipresent without being annoying.

  19. Dafoo's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    That movie haunted me through my childhood. Was 8 when it was released.. too young to watch but very intrigued by the score and the director. Ten years on, I have been told by fellow 18yo that one it is a weird movie. At last in my 40’s, I got to see it for the first time and enjoyed that trip through time, and love daemon. The cinematography is simple, the old car is awesome, moving disturbed family.

  20. Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    A brilliant culmination of themes built throughout Wenders' career. Wenders manages to paint hurt adults as children in need of attention, who in turn have neglect their children. The fears of late capitalist alienation and its tendency to perpetuate. Stanton becomes the ultimate wanderer which the road movies hinted at. Tender and symptomatic human filmmaking. Also one of the best staged dialogues in film.

  21. Caroline Gausden's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    If John Berger had made a film it might look something like this

  22. Paul's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    Missed this first time round - so pleased to catch it now! This is just one gripping film even though initially the narrative is almost hidden. Every element of film-making especially stand out performances and such evocative use of Ry Cooder's guitar. And then the plot just smashes through with the appearance of Jane / Nastassja Kinski. Thank you Mubi for bringing this terrific experience.

  23. guigagonzaga's rating of the film Paris, Texas

    One of the best films i ever watched but unfortunately, the image quality here it's not close to being good.

  24. Roman's rating of the film Paris, Texas

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