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Pfefferminz Frappe

Peppermint Frappé

Regie Carlos Saura
Spanien, 1967
Drama, Thriller

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Cautious Julian is content with his life, until he meets up with his friend Pablo, who introduces Julian to his fiancée, Elena. Julian soon becomes obsessed with free-spirited Elena, but she has no interest in him. He turns his attention to the meek nurse Ana, and tries to make her more like Elena.

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Pfefferminz Frappe Regie Carlos Saura


As subtext it doesn’t always work but as an opportunity for Saura to freely indulge in something that appealed to him, instead of all the Freudian tiptoeing around the Generalisimo, it’s really pretty touching. It excuses more hamfisted skulduggery like when our man makes his lady friend work out in a prototype exercise rowboat. It boggles in the moment but in hindsight it’s tough not to smirk at. The incisive and the ridiculous dance almost as much as Chaplin…
February 20, 2014
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