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Spanien, Frankreich, 2018

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Tackles the personal and family conflicts of various artists who are caught up in a complex web of concealment, violence and resentment.

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Petra Regie Jaime Rosales
As an operatic family drama, shot through with two suicides, one murder, sexual assault, and (il)legitimate children, the story draws on conventions of Greek tragedy and classical melodrama. Formally, however, Petra is an exercise in restraint. This restraint prevents the film’s unconventional structure from coming off as mere auteurist/male hubris.
October 24, 2018
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A search for answers runs through Petra, a playful, perplexing melodrama from seasoned Spanish director Jaime Rosales– but forces both in and outside of the film’s narrative complicate matters at every turn.
May 13, 2018
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Well-trodden territory, rendered anew is likewise something that Jaime Rosales achieves with Petra, which bends both Greek tragedy and soap opera conventions into a superb formalist comedy.
May 12, 2018
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