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Lange Finger - Harte Fäuste

Pickup on South Street

USA, 1953
Film noir

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In Sam Fuller’s hardboiled classic, a petty crook and an unsuspecting woman find themselves on the run from Communists in a precarious gambit.

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Lange Finger - Harte Fäuste Regie Samuel Fuller
There’s an instinctive mastery in the film’s formal impact, yet somehow the greater intimacy of this impeccable new Blu-ray transfer also reveals a surprising emotional quotient. Widmark’s attraction to Peters is obvious when they lock eyes as he fingers her handbag, but he knows she feigns desire for a living… until the realisation that love exists in their marginalised, pitiless universe, it’s lump-in-the-throat time. Top-five Fuller for sure.
September 07, 2015
Pulp the way Fuller cooks it—snappy, violent, and mean—makes it own sense, right being Peters’s pleading, artless look, wrong a matter for us in the real world to fuss with. Pickup on South Street is fresh, pulpy, and savage, a still hot, hard-boiled classic.
May 27, 2015
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The idea that J. Edgar Hoover hated Sam Fuller’s insanely slangy, deliriously hard-boiled noir—the craziest anti-Communist movie of 1953 or any other year—only makes the movie more enjoyable.
May 27, 2015
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