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Pootie Tang

Regie Louis C.K.
USA, 2001

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Pootie Tang, the musician/actor/folk hero of the ghetto, is chronicled from his early childhood to his battles against the evil Corporate America.

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Pootie Tang Regie Louis C.K.
It’s not quite like anything else you’ve ever seen… This parody of a star vehicle meanders a bit before sputtering to a stop, but it delivers plenty of pleasures along the way.
July 20, 2016
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Where Pootie Tang [the character]‘s verbal incoherence is the explicit gag of the movie, Pootie Tang [the movie]’s narrative, visual, and tonal incongruity lends it a totalized feeling of radical absurdity… The movie exerts a beguiling charm that can only be explained as the je ne sais quoi ofsa da tay.
November 02, 2011
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Poised somewhere between blaxploitation spoof and avant-garde freak-out, Pootie Tang qualifies as the weirdest, funniest studio release of the summer so far and a bona fide cult object in the making… C.K. enlivens the proceedings with a befuddling array of alienation effects (alternating narrators, an explosion of intertitles), and muscles through the threadbare patches by sheer force of surreal non sequitur.
July 10, 2001
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