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Portrait of Jennie

USA, 1948
Drama, Fantasy, Liebesfilm

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Eben Adams is a talented but struggling artist in Depression era New York. One day, after he finally finds someone to buy a painting from him, a pretty but odd young girl named Jennie Appleton appears and strikes up an unusual friendship with Eben.

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Jenny Regie William Dieterle

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Venice Film Festival

1949 | 2 Gewinne unter anderem: Best Actor

Academy Awards

1949 | Gewinner: Best Effects, Special Effects

1949 | Nominiert: Best Cinematography, Black-and-White

…The differences were intensely palpable—from the way the Matthews and Spinney sign glittered outside the art gallery as Joseph Cotten’s Eben Adams stepped inside, to the haunting depth that the filters on shots of Central Park allowed. More impressive, however, was how the images worked hand in hand with the disparate audio, often seeming to be slightly out of sync or to be coming from a different source than the image suggested, to form a cinematic world completely on its own jarring terms.
September 22, 2015
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Portrait is an astonishingly rich and atmospheric film that slips over the viewer like a shroud. As he proved with The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) and The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941), especially, Hollywood workhorse Dieterle was a master of sustained mood, of making watching a film feel like entering a fugue state. From what I’ve seen of his work, Portrait of Jennie is his greatest accomplishment in this regard.
May 21, 2012
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It’s a haunting evocation of one man’s pained artistic process, and the genius of the film is how Dieterle delicately equates the creative impulse to an ever-evolving spiritual crisis… Not since Murnau’s Sunrise had a film so fascinatingly and tirelessly concerned itself with the nature of obsession as Portrait of Jennie.
June 27, 2001
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  • Neither/Nor's rating of the film Jenny

    Silly melodrama, culminates in post-war anxiety fleeing to an island amidst, literally, the waves of time. Maudlin fantasy wasn't needed in 1948 and it certainly isn't needed now. The whole film expresses a sentimental unwillingness to connect historical futures with cherished pasts, hell, it visually declares at one point that life is insubstantial unless it resembles a great exaggeration: the portrait of Jennie.

  • Filmy's rating of the film Jenny

    turbulent world, idealistic struggle; intangible souls, tangible landscape; mystical inspiration; kindled passion, vanquished love; peace and beauty restored;

  • Dave's rating of the film Jenny

    I agree that this is a beautiful, lyrical romance. Probably Dieterle's most underrated film and quite possibly my favorite from him.

  • Daniel S.'s rating of the film Jenny

    I have a lot of respect for William Dieterle but I consider this film as flawed. Watch Albert Lewin's 'Pandora and the Flying Dutchman' (1951) if you like this kind of story. Here, we have an introduction à la Cecil B. De Mille meant to prepare the public for something grandiose: completely ridiculous. So are the special and visual effects by the way. No, no, too much is too much. Already forgotten.

  • Love Walked In's rating of the film Jenny

    I like parting and reunion in movies very much. This movie does both of them again and again. What's more it's with a sad and beautiful girl crossing the border of time. Consequently i like this movie.

  • Bjanicas's rating of the film Jenny

    This film is made by the same stuff clouds (or should I say dreams) are made off. The entire film I had the feeling of going through the atmosphere, all densities of it, those that "neither the world nor time can tear [them] apart". And then, color. And then, death... death and dreams that only art keeps alive. (How the song goes? "Where I come from nobody knows and where I am going everything goes.")

  • Jacob Swanson's rating of the film Jenny

    After wrestling with my intellect saying it was junk, I decided to give it 5 stars. A very strange and beautiful film. Goofy voice-overs, melodramatic score and an aesthetic that lies somewhere between "Ugetsu" and "Last Year at Marienbad". I was unsure of it the whole time I watched but stayed engaged. In the end the visuals are so striking that they sell the aspects of the film I didn't much care for.

  • Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Jenny

    “Portrait of Jennie” is in the same genre as “Peter Ibbetson.” Both films, admired by Bunuel, are about lovers overcoming time and space to be together. Piercing the membrane between the corporeal and the spiritual has a strong appeal. I am somewhat embarrassed to say I am susceptible. The Japanese have a special gift for this, as in “Ugetsu.”

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