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Portrait of Madame Yuki

雪夫人絵図 | Yuki fujin ezu

Japan, 1950

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Young servant girl Hamako has just started working for her personal hero, Madame Yuki. Her romanticized view of the Madame is broken immediately, as she is introduced with a list of the Madame’s personal problems.

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Portrait of Madame Yuki Regie Kenji Mizoguchi


The stunning dénouement points to Ugetsu’s spectral realms: The dazed Yuki ambles into the wilderness until she stops at a café, the camera cranes down to follow the waiter as he gets her tea and then up again to find her chair now vacant. Mist creeps in, and it’s as if Murnau had never died.
May 04, 2012
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Inevitability colors the film, an inevitability exactly in line with Mizo’s mise-en-scène: the trademark ‘diagonal’ tracking-shot that traces out the slash of a blade… For Mizoguchi never films discovery. Stabbed in the back unawares by a prostitute at 27 and from then on exploiting the cinema’s power to tell one’s secret by keeping silent, he is the filmmaker for whom the crescent moon and the razor became synonymous — accordingly, he films destiny, and adheres to its codes.
February 22, 2008
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