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Die Sprache der Gewalt

Pressure Point

USA, 1962
Drama, Krimi

Darum geht's

A black psychiatrist working at a penitentiary finds his pride and racial heritage challenged when he must analyze a deeply bigoted Neo-Nazi.

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Die Sprache der Gewalt Regie Hubert Cornfield


Elementary psychology is driven home with sledgehammer associative cutting – from a violent fantasy about the patient’s mother to the alcoholic father tenderising meat, from a mezuzah on the doorframe of a spurning lover to a swastika flag – but Poitier and surly, potato-faced Darin underplay coyly, and Cornfield and Haller discover a few truly striking images. Like Cornfield’s career as a whole, Pressure Point is slightly longer on promise than payoff – but how many directors even manage that?
April 01, 2016

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