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Prinzessin Mononoke


Japan, 1997
Action, Animation, Fantasy

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Ein junger Krieger aus einem abgelegenen japanischen Dorf versucht, einen Krieg zwischen den Menschen und den Geistern des Waldes zu verhindern.

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Prinzessin Mononoke Regie Hayao Miyazaki


One of the most striking images in Princess Mononoke is of a life-cycle in microcosm. The deer-shaped god of the forest travels throughout his domain and, with every step, the ground blooms with flowers before they immediately wilt and die away. In the step of the ancient forest spirit lies life and death, held in balance. As director Hayao Miyazaki’s dazzling fantasy celebrates its 20th anniversary, its preoccupation with this delicate balance feels freshly urgent.
June 11, 2017
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I was lucky enough to revisit this one on the big screen. My first thought upon stepping out of the theater: “Jesus Christ, that is a sad movie.” Not just because of all the death and dismemberment, but because it disputes the very notion of uncomplicated happiness. In this elegiac fairy tale, every decision is a sacrifice. Every bit of beauty—whether the vast greenery, rippling waters, or open skies—has a moral implication. Not one goddamn thing is easy.
February 09, 2017
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As morally complicated as it is visually complex, PRINCESS MONONOKE was Hayao Miyazaki’s darkest, most contemplative film prior to THE WIND RISES… What makes the film intellectually challenging is that Miyazaki refuses to demonize industrial civilization in delineating the story’s conflict.
July 22, 2016
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