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Die große Orgie

Vizi privati, pubbliche virtù

Italien, Jugoslawien, 1976
Drama, Geschichtsfilm, Komödie

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The son of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, Crown Prince Rudolf, is believed to have shot his female lover and himself in a tragic suicide pact in 1882 in Mayerling. Due to Imperial cover-ups, the full story may never be known.

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Die große Orgie Regie Miklós Jancsó


It is a lushly photographed orgy of libertinism, consisting almost entirely of long-take tableaus of beautiful royals carnally cavorting in full-frontal glory. Though the decadence does tend to grow tedious, and the movie often resembles the ‘70s softcore sagas of David Hamilton and Tinto Brass more than Jancso’s other work, it’s still an intriguing if dated oddity, full of striking images.
September 03, 2016

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