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Queen of Earth

USA, 2015

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Catherine absconds to the sun-soaked serenity of her best friend Virginia’s lakeside cabin, quivering with anxiety and seeking refuge from the haunting memories of the past year. But as their painful pasts come slithering into the already-uncomfortable present, their nerves become intertwined.

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Queen of Earth Regie Alex Ross Perry
For a viewer looking back decades from now at the movies of this time, Alex Ross Perry’s new film “Queen of Earth,” which opened last week and is expanding to theatres nationwide today, will serve as an example of the sort of complex modernism that has become both common coin and rare treasure among the best filmmakers.
September 04, 2015
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It’s Bergman meets Lynch, it’s Martha Marcy May Marlene remade by the ghost of Cassavetes. From the very top of the film—a close-up of a woman’s face besmudged with makeup—all the way down to Teddy Blanks’s boldly sumptuous title cards, Perry’s latest outing is the work of a confident filmmaker surrounded by expert and trusted collaborators.
February 09, 2015
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An unnerving, acidly funny work that fosters an acute air of dread without ever fully announcing itself as a horror movie, Perry’s fourth feature may unfold on a smaller canvas than the expansive “Philip,” but is every bit as sure of what it wants to do and how to get there, built around an utterly fearless central performance by Elisabeth Moss.
February 07, 2015
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