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Quiz Show

USA, 1994

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The film is the first major picture based on the 1950s controversy that rocked American television and nearly led to the ruination of quiz-show producers Jack Barry and Dan Enright.

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Quiz Show Regie Robert Redford


Though Redford’s recent outings as a director have been generally received with either indifference or outright scorn, their often-disillusioned engagement with American history and politics can be traced back to this, still arguably his finest hour behind the camera… The brilliance of Attanasio’s screenplay lies in the way he carefully portrays the complex motivations of all the major players involved.
April 22, 2015
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If it were truly Brechtian, it might have started with Van Doren in that Chrysler showroom, introducing not only a cynical complicity with but some irony about this falsely anointed national hero. Instead it sides with the congressional investigator who regretfully helps to bring him down… Still, the subject is rich with implications, and Redford’s efforts to depict its contours accurately are so vigorous that I find this movie a lot more compelling than any of his other directorial efforts.
September 23, 1994
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