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Das Fenster zum Hof

Rear Window

USA, 1954
Thriller, Mystery, Krimi

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Hat Lars Thorwald seine Frau umgebracht, zerstückelt und im Schrankkoffer abtransportiert? Das glaubt jedenfalls der zeitweise an den Rollstuhl gefesselte Fotograf L. B. Jeffries, der die Geschehnisse in seinem Wohnblock in einem heißen New Yorker Sommer von seinem Fenster aus beobachtet.

Das Fenster zum Hof Regie Alfred Hitchcock
Thorwald’s eyes are an intense, burning blue, matching his blue suit, and Burr is so fantastic in this role, he manages to make Thorwald simultaneously menacing and tragic. This is why audiences often gasp when Thorwald breaks through the fantasy – not merely because he’s scary but because he looks so wounded. This is such a penetrating moment that the flashbulbs Jeff pulls out are not going to save him – his camera will not put enough distance between him and his subject.
September 07, 2017
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The women in Rear Window outnumber the men but they also end up murdered, attacked, and/or broken-hearted. Having traded in their Edith Head gowns for more sensible trousers, they are now awarded entry into this man’s life. He’s napping mid-day—now with two broken legs—and only once he’s fully asleep, will she reach for her copy of Harper’s Bazaar. Being a woman is an old habit that dies hard.
July 24, 2016
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Could this movie have been about any city other than New York? Possibly, but it wouldn’t have hit the same truths. Because New York is a city where neighbors ostentatiously stay out of each other’s business when they’re out on the sidewalk, then go home and do everything they can to find out what’s happening across the air shaft.
May 08, 2012
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