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Regie Miguel Gomes
Portugal, Frankreich, 2013
Kurzfilm, Dokumentarfilm

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On January 21, 1975, in a village in the north of Portugal, a child writes to his parents who are in Angola to tell them how sad Portugal is.

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Redemption Regie Miguel Gomes
On one level, then, Redemption’s subjects come across as pathetically tragicomic figures, cut off from their own private lives by their Wagnerian dreams of glory. But it’s the fact that this same sense of estrangement comes through in the structure of the movie itself—in the divide between who’s supposed to be speaking and the voices we hear, or between the memories we’re supposed to be watching and those we actually see—that makes Redemption at once so funny and so profoundly sad.
December 30, 2013
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This canny, wildly audacious short film by the Portuguese director Miguel Gomes extends the radical reflections on personal and political memory from his feature “Tabu.” Its four sections link diverse archival footage to four monologues of intimate recollections—in Portuguese, Italian, French, and German… The hidden side of history has rarely been brought to life onscreen with such coruscating wit.
October 07, 2013
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Four different, unseen characters pouring their memories onto the screen, or the same incantatory spirit moving between nations and years as part of the same yearning conscious? Gomes’ braiding of textures both scratchy and lush is lyrical, mischievous, and profoundly emotional.
September 17, 2013
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