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Wohnsitz: Heimatlos

Resident Alien

USA, 1990
Biografie, LGBT+, Dokumentarfilm

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Nossiter’s camera follows Crisp about the streets of Manhattan, where he seems very much at home. The portrait that emerges is one of wit and wisdom and of the importance of humour as a weapon in the struggle against oppression.

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Wohnsitz: Heimatlos Regie Jonathan Nossiter

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  • pivic's rating of the film Wohnsitz: Heimatlos

    A documentary about and around the self-alienated Quentin Crisp, who at 73 years of age moved to New York. He's shown as a figurine more than a person, yet that is what he had reinvented himself to be: a work of art rather than an individual, he repeats himself and his ideas to all who will listen. Sad and interesting.

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