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  1. Fabian Ayoub's rating of the film Ricordi?

    خفيف وشخصي والممثلين كويسين

  2. vegeta85's rating of the film Ricordi?

  3. Paolo Utili's rating of the film Ricordi?

  4. Sirma Kurtulmaz's rating of the film Ricordi?

    3.5 If only it was not that pretentious..?

  5. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Ricordi?

    VIRTUOSITY & ACTORS. Dark handsome guy meets cool girl. Man's a bore. Negative, jealous, "romantic". She's radiant, imaginative, positive. For 2h MIELI says she's 4 him, then not, then yes === VIRTUOSITE & ACTEURS. Un beau brun rencontre 1 fille cool. Le type est d'un ennui total. Négatif, jaloux, 'romantique'. Elle est drôle, imaginative, positive. Pendant 2h, MIELI dit elle est pr lui, puis pas pr lui, enfin pr lui

  6. NCMBianchi's rating of the film Ricordi?

    [More like 4.5] Main topics of the plot, and narrative elements for the story telling - past and memories are a recurring elements in Mieli's work. The movie works very well on how memories can differ between one's and the other's (first layer) and how they can change in the same person due to feelings and the passing of time (second layer), influencing one's hope for the future (third layer). And great performances!