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Irland, 2018

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When the Davis family lose their home in Dublin due to rocketing rents, they pack their essentials into their car and hit the city streets in search of accommodation.

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Rosie Regie Paddy Breathnach


Rosie may not be very original, but the message of this film is important, and in delivery it is warm, urgent and terribly affecting.
September 14, 2018
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  • Superfrog's rating of the film Rosie

    The film itself is not great, scenes are well made and the rhythm is good but it lacks focus with good looking shots and dramatic music that get in the way. In the other hand, the realistic story of a family living out of single night accomodation is all too realistic, and brings to me the terrible fallacy of the family as the survival unit in a terribly hostile, yet completely normal, social setting.

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