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Rumble Fish

USA, 1983

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Der Film begleitet eine kurze Zeitspanne im Leben des jugendlichen Rowdys Rusty James in den Suburbs der US-amerikanischen Stadt Tulsa. Er erzählt von dessen Beziehung zu seinem bewunderten großen Bruder und von dem Opfer, das dieser bringt, um seinen jüngeren Bruder zu retten.

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Rumble Fish Regie Francis Ford Coppola
If Rumble Fish, recently released by the Criterion Collection, seems notably contemporary on this front, as an early example of the best that an MTV aesthetic had to offer, it is also a film that oozes nostalgia. This duality is why the film and its characters seem out of time and out of place: nowhere specific but wholly distinct.
July 27, 2017
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Rusty-James may not be the brightest fellow, but he has a desire that is very direct and possibly universal: “I just want you to see me, man,” he says through his pain. Coppola’s achievement is in seeing him, and seeing himself, and seeing us, all operating, or at least trying to, in the wasteland.
April 25, 2017
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Beautifully shot in black and white—save for the Siamese fighting fish referred to in the title—RUMBLE FISH makes its fading, dusty industrial locale look both recognizable and unfamiliar. The film does not leave us with much substance to grasp, but that seems to be the point. By immersing the audience in rich visuals and music, RUMBLE FISH evokes a sense of timelessness and being lost, beckoning us to go deeper in.
July 19, 2013
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