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Regie Wes Anderson
USA, 1998
Komödie, Drama

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Max Fischer ist der engagierteste Schüler der Eliteschule Rushmore. Er leitet unter anderem die Theatergruppe, den Debattier-, und den Bienenzüchterclub. Außerdem ist Max auch einer der schlechtesten Schüler. Seine Welt gerät aus den Fugen, als er sich in die junge Lehrerin Miss Cross verliebt.

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Rushmore Regie Wes Anderson
It’s a teeming, sophisticated, scintillatingly clever movie, and Schwartzman, his first time out, gives a copious, complex performance to match; as his subsequent career has proved (including his performance in “Golden Exits,” which opens this weekend), his natural virtuosity has only grown deeper.
February 10, 2018
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Anderson takes a higher view of Homo sapiens [than Alexander Payne]—or, if you prefer, a more squeamish one. “What do you think?” Miss Cross asks Mr. Blume of her conduct towards Max, to which Blume replies “I think you did your best.” As people generally do in Anderson’s cinema. Even when his characters are at their most vindictive and malicious, their creator can hardly wait to absolve them.
November 15, 2013
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It’s a quirky hand that Anderson and company play, but they play it well, and the result is both heartfelt and awkward in the best possible ways. RUSHMORE ain’t exactly rock n’ roll, just as it’s not Truffaut or Ashby or THE GRADUATE, but it’s certainly one of the most notable hybrids of influence to emerge from the 90s, one that still feels like a breath of fresh air.
May 11, 2012
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