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Regie Béla Tarr
Ungarn, Schweiz, 1994
Drama, Avantgarde

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Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Béla Tarr’s epic rendering of László Krasznahorkai’s novel about the decline of Communism in Eastern Europe is a unique and visionary masterpiece that defies classification and transcends genre.

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Satanstango Regie Béla Tarr
The film unfolds in minute detail, far more concerned with the lives of the inhabitants than with the ostensible story at its centre. With its labyrinthine structure (which twists, turns and falls back in on itself), Sátántangó demands to be seen in a single sitting.
July 21, 2016
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Tarr sarcastically depicts society as a weak, ineffectual construct meant to provide structure and purpose in a purposeless world. SÁTÁNTANGÓ is a brilliant, haunting opus that knows more about us than we know ourselves.
May 13, 2011
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With fewer shots than the average 90-minute feature, Sátántangó is a double tour de force—for the actors, as the camera circles them in lengthy continuous takes, and for Tarr, who constructs his narrative out of these morose blocks of real time.
January 03, 2006
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