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Warhol privat

Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol: Friendships and Intersections

Regie Jonas Mekas
USA, 1990
Dokumentarfilm, Kurzfilm

Darum geht's

Dieser Film von Jonas Mekas ist nicht nur eine Chronik des großen Pop-Art-Künstlers Andy Warhol, sondern stellt auch die soziale und kulturelle Begeisterung dar, die sich um ihn und sein Werk drehte – alles zum pulsierenden Beat von Velvet Underground.

Warhol privat Regie Jonas Mekas

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  • Jason's rating of the film Warhol privat

    Mekas is one of the most important filmmakers. As an American filmmaker, an immigrant filmmaker, a "he who remembers." He primarily remembers w/ his kino machine. He remembers achingly, in spasms, in pulses of light, in heavy grain. Form for him involves swirling, eddying, and dissipation. His films feel like they are disappearing, but they are asserting immortality; not their own immortality - immortality itself.

  • Ioana's rating of the film Warhol privat

    Engaging in its own streaming way, following different rhythms, but somehow keeping you hooked.

  • DrFirestone's rating of the film Warhol privat

    Three stars for the visual style, The Velvet Underground (loved the soundtrack), and the vibe of the 60's and 70's. As for the rest... Quite self-indulgent, like most of Jonas Mekas' work that I've seen so far. The beginning is promising, but then it descents into a rather uninspiring home-movie galore. If you're in need for a confirmation that Jonas was indeed handing out with some cool crowd, then look no further.

  • Renton47's rating of the film Warhol privat

    Considerable time spent with him in the last few months, I now recognise the Mekas technique and am looking for variation. Here I was (obviously) fascinated by the social cast, but also the way the incredible soundtrack fused with the images to create a blistering, atonal psychedelic experience. More than elsewhere I was baffled by what he thought his camera was capturing.

  • Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Warhol privat

    Strangely, this feels the most indulgent of the Mekas films I've seen so far. While his other major works are biographical and thematically coherent, this is simply a collection of shots of counterculture celebrities doing normal things, which feels a like cinematic namedropping. That said, loved the cameos of Joe Dallesandro, Warhol, Lennon and Lee Radziwill (so lovely in That Summer and the real star of the film).

  • EdieMaas's rating of the film Warhol privat

    This is/not a documentary film. My understanding of cinema is altered. I didn't know till now that you could use it this way. The only other Jonas Mekas film I've seen didn't prepare me for this, filmmaking as the precise, intuitively curated, presentation of raw data to transmit the *experience* of the moment captured, rather than its reconstituted depiction. Extraordinary.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Warhol privat

    Although a short film, this collection of memories is of mixed merits, mainly because the last 20 minutes display an impressive decline in the power of image, topic and sound. Thus, following the VU gig and their 'art of noise' as well as the fragments from Warhol paintings the shift to the seaside degenerates into a maladroit and uninteresting memoir, unable to inspire, to create empathy and to hold one's attention.

  • Chichago_'s rating of the film Warhol privat

    There are many interesting frames and I do love how raw and scattered it is. However, it gets pretty boring when I reached the first 15 minutes; knowing that I still have to watch this kind of footages for another 20 minutes. If only this film last for about 15 minutes, I think would enjoy it more.

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