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Sieben Chancen

Seven Chances

USA, 1925
Stummfilm, Komödie

Darum geht's

A man learns he will inherit a fortune if he marries by 7 p.m. today.

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Sieben Chancen Regie Buster Keaton
Seven Chances, although seldom cited as a Buster masterpiece on the level of Sherlock Jr. or The General, remains a work of relentless hilarity and visual invention of another order, highlighted by a majestic chase scene in which our hero must escape the violent indignation of a small army of would-be brides. (Hell hath no fury like a woman who responded to an ad in the newspaper…)
July 26, 2016
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I know it is not right for me to want to take away someone else’s experience or enjoyment of these films and yet, at the same time, there I sit, aghast, quite honestly shocked to hear my shared audience howl with laughter at the very idea of Keaton cosying up to a black woman.
July 06, 2016
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The result is another of the extended, intricate chase sequences that tend to grace Lloyd’s and Keaton’s features, and to a lesser extent Chaplin’s. In fact Seven Chances has a double chase.
December 29, 2015
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