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Sex Is Comedy

Frankreich, Portugal, 2002
Drama, Komödie

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Die Regisseurin Jeanne freut sich sehr auf die Dreharbeiten zu ihrem neuesten Film Intime Szenen. Jedoch verfliegt die Freude schnell, als sie die beiden Schauspieler trifft, die das Paar in dem Werk spielen sollen.

Sex Is Comedy Regie Catherine Breillat
Ms. Parillaud gives a sparkling performance as the alternately skittish/ steely auteur. No one’s ever done the Champagne giggles better, or so deftly tossed off hilariously “casual” epigrams. Watch her size up the actor over lunch, as he improvises a bogus confessional.
October 20, 2004
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How much of the sex in [Breillat’s] films is real? How do she and her actors make it seem that way, even when it isn’t? Is her realism a matter of emotional nakedness, or the physical kind? The ingenuity of “Sex Is Comedy” is that it pretends to satisfy this curiosity, only, at the end, to force us once again to reckon with those uncomfortable questions, as the director treats herself to the last laugh.
October 20, 2004
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Making a movie about one of your own movies sounds like an unforgivable indulgence, but in Sex Is Comedy, Breillat examines the filmmaking process with brutal honesty, saving many of her most pointed barbs for herself.
October 18, 2004
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