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Sherlock Jr.

USA, 1924
Stummfilm, Komödie

Darum geht's

Filmvorführer Buster liebt ein Mädchen, wird aber nach einer Intrige des Nebenbuhlers des Hauses verwiesen.

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Sherlock Jr. Regie Buster Keaton


Sherlock Jr…. is one of Keaton’s funniest films as well as one of his darkest: a vision of moviegoing as wish-fulfillment device, uncontrollable nightmare, and surrogate life… There may not be spatial continuity in Sherlock Jr.‘s movie-within-a-movie, but there is, at least from the audience’s perspective, a degree of harmony and coherence. The borders of the frame are firmly set, the cuts perfectly timed, and Keaton’s movements, however spastic, well-synchronized.
March 26, 2014
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The film has everything that makes Keaton a genius: the wildly inventive use of all the possibilities of film; the comedy ranging from subtle to manic slapstick; the athletic stunts, one of which could have paralyzed Keaton. Excessive description tends to kill comedy, so the Siren is leaving it at that; but trust her, this is no quaint antique.
November 24, 2013
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Sherlock Jr. is just such a clockwork tour de force; running about 45 minutes with no fat, it stands as perhaps its maker’s most delightful creation.
December 04, 2010
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