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Nola Darling

She's Gotta Have It

Regie Spike Lee
USA, 1986
Drama, Komödie

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When it comes to love, Nola Darling has got a problem: she’s just gotta have “it.” And she’s having a hard time deciding who’ll give “it” the best, choosing between a romantic-but-possessive nice guy, a flashy-but-vain fashion model, and a fast-riding but faster-talking bicyclist…

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Nola Darling Regie Spike Lee

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Cannes Film Festival

1986 | Gewinner: Award of the Youth (Foreign Film)

Independent Spirit Awards

1987 | Gewinner: Best First Feature

1987 | Nominiert: Best Female Lead

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  • oki's rating of the film Nola Darling

    the treatment of rape is pretty fucked up. Nola is a cool character, Lee steps all over her with all that and calling it "near rape" and having her go back to Jamie. Would have loved this film otherwise...

  • Pixi's rating of the film Nola Darling

    You can tell Spike Lee was passionate about this project. The film is filled with personality and has a strong sense of direction. Ernest R. Dickerson really brings his A game in terms of cinematography. The beautiful lighting and use of stark contrasts make the film feel unique, loved it.

  • Benjamin Reid's rating of the film Nola Darling

    The amateurish qualities translate effectively into something evoking the French New Wave or mid-career Woody Allen. Nonetheless, Lee's own voice is at full volume this early in the game. Some of the acting is a bit stilted, but a lot of it is very brave in its dimensioned sexuality. However, the infamous ending is upsetting and taints what is an otherwise great film. The coda does redeem it a bit though.

  • Carolina Frade's rating of the film Nola Darling

    Clearly NOT about female power. She got off on these men's affection and dedication, it wasn't about the sexual act per se. She allowed abuse and chased the abuser, she used them on an emotional level. It's disgusting behaviour, reglardless of gender. Claudia Weill's Gilfriends is about female power, not this. If we ignore the fact that Nola sucks as an individual, it's a great movie

  • Lu Who's rating of the film Nola Darling

    um debut incrível de um diretor incrível. que trilha, que foto, que personagens. a única coisa que fica meio off é a cena do estupro (ou a consequência natural dela), que o próprio mr. lee já declarou se arrepender do feito. filmão!

  • Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Nola Darling

    The blending of documentary style provided for me what has always baffled me with character study narratives, which is "why are we being told this story,what is the motivation for these characters to confess their private lives and who are they telling it to". So when they broke the fourth wall and addressed us directly as they were introduced, i enjoyed that. Spike should have stuck to this but politics got him.

  • Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Nola Darling

    Unique and captivating look at sex and the sexes, made with amateurish charm and confidence that raises it above average into the territory of individual and recognizable style for Spike Lee. The central performances aren’t exactly top notch, but they are effective, and the actors make you feel that these characters are, for the most part, more than caricatures, and make you invested in the unfolding drama.

  • Semaj Productions's rating of the film Nola Darling

    A fun mockumentary that explores a woman's right to do with her body as she pleases when she pleases it. The ending, though a great message, feels a tad tacked on, and I would have preferred if there had been more of an effort to integrate it into the main story. The way they treat the rape scene is very odd as well, but I understand the intention. The cinematography is fantastic, and the score is good too.

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