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Ship Ahoy

USA, 1942
Komödie, Musical, Liebesfilm

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Miss Winters is a dancer with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and is asked to secretly transport a prototype magnetic mine to Puerto Rico. She thinks that she is working for the US Government, but fails to see why she would be involved.

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Ship Ahoy Regie Edward Buzzell

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  • SpacePirate's rating of the film Ship Ahoy

    I actually enjoyed this one a lot more than I shouldve. The plot is beyond dumb, but Lahr is so goofy it just puts a smile on your face. Add perennial goofball Skelton into the mix and you get a borderline screwball comedy with great dance numbers thrown in. Powell isnt really featured as well here as in some of her other films, but I believe her acting is better here. A fun way to spend a rainy afternoon. 3.5 stars

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