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Sid & Nancy

Regie Alex Cox
Großbritannien, 1986
Drama, Biografie, Musik

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Regisseur Alex Cox balanciert eine Liebe unter einem schlechten Stern mit surrealem Humor und reichlich liebevollem Feingefühl in diesem Porträt über die kurze, intensive Beziehung zwischen dem Sex-Pistols-Bassisten Sid Vicious und seiner Freundin, Nancy Spungen.

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Sid & Nancy Regie Alex Cox
It’s a triumph of tone: the note it consistently strikes throughout is one that manages simultaneously to both play up the Sid and Nancy story (for laughs and even romance), but also put it in a dark, entirely anti-nostalgic perspective.
January 01, 1987
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In SID AND NANCY, Alex Cox discovers an oft-imitated, never-equaled recipe for the rock biopic: two parts THIS IS SPINAL TAP and one part PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK. In retrospect, it took balls (or callous indifference) to make a slapstick parody out of the tragedy of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, whose bodies had hardly been in the ground for five years when production began. But Cox’s tragicomedy is so good that it’s hard to fault him for it.
February 13, 2015
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By refusing to reduce itself to a rehashed Sex Pistols “greatest hits” parade, Sid & Nancy fortuitously sidesteps one of the biggest pitfalls of the musical biopic, examining events instead with an eye for telling detail and a healthy sense of absurdist humor that’s evident in even the bleakest scenes. Cox welds improvisatory looseness and a shabby-chic veracity with flights of fancy and off-the-cuff surrealism.
February 02, 2012
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