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Bewertungen & Beurteilungen

  1. Word...Life's rating of the film Soapdish

  2. leyle's rating of the film Soapdish

    was loving it SO MUCH until that transphobic ending... yikes. i really enjoyed the entire cast, even though until the credits rolled i thought montana was sigourney weaver with a wig

  3. Stanislav Lukianov's rating of the film Soapdish

    great screwball comedy about tv-actors like "Tootsie"

  4. woofwoofwoof's rating of the film Soapdish

    So entertaining and fun until that ending -____-

  5. jessetaylor's rating of the film Soapdish

    Generally fine, but for being a comedy I don't think I laughed once throughout this. It has a brilliant cast and they are all good, but the film itself is just uninteresting. Tootsie is a far superior film about the goings on in and around soap opera. Oh, and this film has an incredibly transphobic ending. Overall, this one does not hold up at all.

  6. Ryan Christopher Coleman's rating of the film Soapdish

    sally tried it... you cant say she didnt try it! whoopi is radiant in early 90s working woman attire, robert downey jr. is trim, mischevious, and read at least to me as on the spectrum. at least. kevin klein is like a hot robin williams, and nearly as ingratiating. for all her acrobatics and histrionics, sally field doesn't manage to achieve camp. in three words: watchable; needlessly transphobic.

  7. Janae's rating of the film Soapdish

    Sally Field going through some stuff while looking fabulous in Chanel and silk. No turbans though.