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Sorry to Bother You

Regie Boots Riley
USA, 2018
Komödie, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

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A black telemarketer becomes successful when he discovers a way to make his voice sound like it is overdubbed by a white actor in a macabre, magical-realist Oakland.

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Sorry to Bother You Regie Boots Riley

Auszeichnungen & Festivals

Independent Spirit Awards

2019 | Nominiert: Best Screenplay

2019 | Gewinner: Best First Feature

National Board of Review

2018 | Gewinner: Top 10 Independent Films

Riley nailed multiple targets at once in making a brutal satire you can dance to (or organize off of) and made us feel in our bones a reductio-ad-absurdum premise whose ideas on race are neither so absurd nor so far removed from reality.
January 02, 2019
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My first screening is a powerful punch in the gut. Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You is a brilliant and biting satire on socio-economic structures of oppression in the US, from the neo-liberal vestiges of slavery to the commodification and dehumanisation of labour.
December 20, 2018
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As a broad allegory of late-stage capitalism colonising racial identity and co-opting individual principles, the film bristles with invention and ingenuity.
December 06, 2018
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