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Regie Johnnie To
Hongkong, 2008
Drama, Liebesfilm

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Eine geheimnisvolle, schöne Frau engagiert vier Hongkonger Meisterdiebe, die ein Dokument aus dem Besitz eines mächtigen Bosses stehlen sollen. Nach etlichen Komplikationen und Anlaufschwierigkeiten kommt es zum meisterhaften Showdown im Regen, mit Schirmen und Rasierklingen.

Sparrow Regie Johnnie To


It’s something that To shot over a few years, during breaks between better-known projects like Election and Exiled, and among its many oddball charms is the fact that it’s set in an underworld, with a cast of crooks and professional lowlifes, but features no guns; you might even say that it pushes the setting to extremes of artificiality, even by To’s already high standards. It’s fairy-tale-like in its simplicity.
August 01, 2017
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Filled with lyrical passages of a bustling HK, it then explodes into symphonically complex heist sequences. Balloons float down affixed with a safe key, criminals engage in a thieving dance underneath a downpour, with the umbrellas used in twirling Busby Berkeley-esque patterns.
August 23, 2016
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