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Stranger in Paradise

Niederlande, 2016

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A controversial role play in three acts about the refugee crisis as a political dilemma. The scene is a classroom, the students are refugees and the teacher is an actor.

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Stranger in Paradise Regie Guido Hendrikx

Auszeichnungen & Festivals



European Film Awards

2017 | Nominiert: European Documentary

Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival

2016 | Gewinner: IDFA Special Jury Award for Dutch Documentary


Whether you agree or not with Hendrikx’s methods or the validity or purpose of them, this is a more original and effective attempt to engage with the issues than most, or rather, to instigate viewers to reflect on them themselves. Amongst of a deluge of more simplistic, unipolar and digestible docs on the topic, this is very welcome.
June 22, 2017
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There’s a bracing, hateful clarity in someone who’s willing to say exactly what they mean, even/especially if it’s vile. Is the instructor saying what he feels in his bones, or merely being ruthlessly tough-minded in summarizing the prevailing political climate for a group of people who need to know what they’re up against?
March 08, 2017
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