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  1. I.Camera's rating of the film Submarine

    Similar to Shane Meadow's regional romances, Submarine is a bit too self-aware for its own good at times - it's a film where pretty much every character acts and speaks like the writer/director. Oliver Tate's ideas of courtship occasionally border on the sociopathic, but his naif efforts at wooing Jordana and intruding on the lives of his parents are amusing to watch, as is Considine as a bullshitting new-age guru.

  2. Carolin Wilken Fricke's rating of the film Submarine

  3. Eilidh's rating of the film Submarine

    Absolutely loved this when it first came out. As a cynical teen it was everything I wanted in a film. 9 years later and it still holds a special place in my heart. Whilst I'm now far more cinema savvy to see some of its flaws, I think it's good to remember to just take things as they are. This being an ode to the French New Wave and a pretty decent directorial debut. Plus it's hard to hate the Arctic Monkeys.

  4. janh24's rating of the film Submarine

    Surprisingly tender, even with its heavy dose of affected irony.

  5. alex's rating of the film Submarine

    Great exploration of growing pains.

  6. sanqfroid's rating of the film Submarine

    A sophisticated art-house inspired teen flick with French New Wave footnotes. What's not to love? Great direction, great writing, great performances, a great soundtrack. A memorable feature funnier than I remembered, capturing the complexities of relationships and the human condition in a fun, touching, often naive and absurd way. Ayoade loves film and it shows.

  7. James's rating of the film Submarine

    The finest coming of age movie there is. It bleeds angst and longing.

  8. AALC's rating of the film Submarine

    Charming and sweet story. Great camera choices. Soundtrack kind of worked together with story.

  9. cam__reed's rating of the film Submarine

    If there is 'the teen drama' Ayoade's Submarine is a strong contender, if not, the victor of the contest. This drama starring Craig Roberts as the confused yet insightful Oliver Tates inspires even at the darkest of moments, from breaking up with your first love to imagining how the local news would deal with your death.

  10. nona vanis's rating of the film Submarine

  11. Ale's rating of the film Submarine

    Rich, elaborated yet subtle fine piece of comedic art. a p

  12. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Submarine

    With great performances from all concerned, a wonderful script and some nice directorial touches from Ayoade, Submarine starts off as something passably enjoyable and turns into something quite wonderful. Ayoade nails everything pretty perfectly, providing audiences with something that crosses the work of Wes Anderson with a large helping of Grange Hill. The more I think about it, the less I can find fault with.

  13. Danny's rating of the film Submarine

  14. Greg's rating of the film Submarine

    Just watched this film for a second time. Despite wearing its influences all over its sleeve, it is a really good film, perhaps better than I first thought. There are great performances and moments of direction that will stay with me this time. The biggest problem for me is the incredibly mediocre Alex Turner soundtrack. I only wish it could be rescored. Maybe it could. Anyone?

  15. dream_shade's rating of the film Submarine

  16. Joao Domingues's rating of the film Submarine

    Her new boyfriend’s has an incredibly long neck. Just thinking about giraffes makes me angry

  17. _sans.soleil_'s rating of the film Submarine

    Submarine feels like Alex Turner voice: vulnerable but cool, alien but magnetic, forever adolescent.

  18. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Submarine

    First underwater love story for Sally HAWKINS (The Shape of the water). A taste of the sixties free cinema (Rich LESTER, Ken LOACH's Poor Cow, Loneliness of the Long-distance Runner, etc). ======== Une histoire attachante sur l'adolescence, la mélancolie, au parfum des sixties. Et une première marine pour Sally HAWKINS avant "La Forme de l'eau".

  19. Victória Célia's rating of the film Submarine

  20. steeeeellaaaaa (Iulia N)'s rating of the film Submarine

    damn I loved the editing on this one

  21. Andreea Drăgotoiu's rating of the film Submarine

  22. redux's rating of the film Submarine

    Adrian Mole, the Umpteenth.

  23. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Submarine

    This film has a cute quirkiness to it that makes it better than most "coming of age" films and has a visual style that make it pleasing to watch. British wit is much more funnier than the banal easy American teenage sex comedies when all comes down to it though so it is easy to choose this one over any Hollywood comedy any day, anytime.

  24. jenny's rating of the film Submarine

    wow! another "quirky" clever coming-of-age film about awkward boy protagonist. except this kind of film should've been released 5 yrs earlier and actually good. wasn't a fan of this then and def not now..

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