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Super Dark Times

USA, 2017
Drama, Thriller

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A terrible accident transforms best friends from high school Zach and Josh into enemies. This ambitious thriller is set in the American suburbs of the early 1990s – the pre-Columbine era.

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Super Dark Times Regie Kevin Phillips
Given the sensitivity of the acting and the ingenuity of its visuals and sound design, it’s slightly disappointing that Super Dark Times doesn’t carve out a more imaginative narrative path, but it’s still an impressive piece of work that deserves to be seen. And if it takes the hype around something more mainstream to draw attention to its existence, well, stranger things have happened.
October 27, 2017
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What follows is out of the “What Not To Do” playbook, but what elevates “Super Dark Times” above similar fare is its devotion to the harrowing emotional fallout of such an event. These young actors are phenomenal in their ability to go as deep as they do. Screaming and crying and shouting, they never feel like little psychos. They feel like panicked, pimpled boys, which they are. With each scene, the boys look younger and more vulnerable.
September 29, 2017
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For a first-time director, Phillips has an unusually strong handle on the finer arts of setting a mood and evoking time and place. Through his lens, an average town in upstate New York carries the gray, lonely, foreboding quality that seeps under his characters’ skins just as much as the incident that sends them over the edge. Whatever the story’s failings, his impression of teenage life in the mid-’90s lingers potently enough to forgive a little.
September 28, 2017
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  • Matthew Martens's rating of the film Super Dark Times

    SDT establishes its atmosphere, characters, and milieu so quickly and with such confidence that for a while I was giddily captivated in a way that reminded me of seeing Donnie Darko for the first time. I wasn't sure where it was going, but I trusted it. In the end (but beginning, naturally enough, well before then) it surprised me by taking the first fork toward the obvious. Oh well. Still plenty of promise here.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Super Dark Times

    There is an earnestness and great attention to period detail here in Phillips debut feature which bodes promise for the director unfortunately the scripting fails to live up to the intent. The film's earliest moments have a fresh relevance to them before degenerating into a basic crazed teen melodrama whether the director had better intentions or not. 'Elephant' this is not. Young actress Cappuccino makes an impact.

  • Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Super Dark Times

    Told from the POV of an episteme (pre-internet, pre-cel phone, pre-Columbine, and pre-9/11) that doesn't exist anymore. It falls apart in the last third, but if you were born between say 1978 and 1982, it might be worth your while to see it anyway.

  • Jason's rating of the film Super Dark Times

    That SUPER DARK TIMES director Kevin Phillips has worked extensively as a cinematographer in addition to directing clearly shows; the attention to individual images here means we never forget that we are watching something that has been carefully thought-out. The viewer is obligated to suspend disbelief early if he or she wishes to ride the crazed climax. There is a thoughtful coda, thankfully, and it is redemptive.

  • Palmat's rating of the film Super Dark Times

    Good drama albeit with a list of short comings. We've seen this story before and better executed and personally I´m sick and tired of american "indie aesthetics" with slo-mo sequences and moaning and droning soundwork used to convey feelings and mood. The cast is very good and it starts out right but descends into mediocracy and stock melodrama only to tack on a nonsensical thriller ending. Good effort tho...

  • The Macho King's rating of the film Super Dark Times

    Started out pretty good, then slowly descended into lackluster tropes, eye rolling twists, and ends in a very boring fashion that wraps things up TOO neatly. Kevin Phillips has a interesting eye when it comes to the visual/composition ect while also being able to maintain a foreboding mood/sense of dread that hangs over the film & it's characters throughout. Props for capturing the period nicely. Also TwistedMetal 2.

  • Tiago Gonçalves's rating of the film Super Dark Times

    This is so visually appealing, funny and twisted. The loss of innocence and the delicacy of its process contrasts with Ben Frost abrasive soundtrack and stylish slow-mo sequences. A feast for the senses!

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Super Dark Times

    "Times" might be the quietest and most well-observed horror film since "It Follows" (this gets the texture of its era right down to the year-appropriate Windows screensaver), only it's not really a horror film, rather a dark drama in the tradition of Larry Clark's "Bully" or even "Elephant" - the product of a generation that never fully processed Columbine before 9/11 became our national psyche's next great wound.

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