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Bewertungen & Rezensionen

  1. mpho3's rating of the film Tetro

    “Do you know what love is in a family like ours? It’s a quick stab in the heart.” Tetro's snipe at Bennie sums it up very neatly for a story that is far from tidy but gorgeously unfolds into sumptuous eye candy. The cast and locale shine. Shades of Almodovar and Coppola's own Rumble Fish, but this cinematic tone poem is something all its own. Bravo.

  2. Cassandra Nguyen's rating of the film Tetro

    Not like typical Coppola. But hey, what do I know

  3. Justin Vicari's rating of the film Tetro

    There's something about plain Italianness that Coppola has never come to grips with: here The Godfather gets replayed with maestros. He likes stagey Latins too, always dancing and fighting and throwing themselves on the ground. Everything's overdone except maybe Gallo's bipolar pain-in-the-ass, a great character but not enough for a 2 hour movie no matter how much pretty lighting and fancy camerawork get involved.

  4. Duarte Lima's rating of the film Tetro

    how did Coppola ruin this simple beginning? one of his worst films

  5. Sihaya's rating of the film Tetro

    Giochi di luci, con un bianco e nero terso. Gli occhi sono l'animo dei protagonisti, illuminati da improvvisi spotlight e luccicori di ricordi. Film ben recitato e orchestrato.

  6. Igor Leoni's rating of the film Tetro

  7. Lilian Higa's rating of the film Tetro

    this one has my favorite photograph direction ever. enough said.

  8. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Tetro

    Evocative of a specific time and place, which seems to exist more in the mind of its author than in any actual, physical reality. A world that is informed by a specific culture of existential literature, Latin rhythms and the 'foreign language' cinema of the 1940s, through to the 1960s. Within this world Coppola wrestles with his own creative disappointments, his personal rivalries, and his relationship with film.

  9. terrastrana's rating of the film Tetro

    Another stunning example of how gorgeous modern black-and-white films can be. Excellent supporting cast.

  10.'s rating of the film Tetro

    N&B : faire la lumière sur les secrets de famille, montrer comment la mono-tonie de la vie courante est minée par les relations familiales, la vérité est aveuglante et confuse. Un film qui se voit et qui s'entend. Des acteurs sublimes. Un hommage et une réécriture du cinéma. Une narration qui se déplie dans tous les sens, mais converge magnifiquement à la fin. Un chef d'oeuvre.

  11. ddcd's rating of the film Tetro

    Like Star Wars, without the space battles.

  12. Donald R. Monroe's rating of the film Tetro

    Beautifully shot, masterfully composed; muddied by less than perfect improvised dialogue and a confusing ending. Its no Godfather but a wonderful film none the less. Classic Coppola.

  13. valolopez's rating of the film Tetro

    Disappointing. Feels like Coppola wanting to play Almodovar with a story about family bonds, legacies and turmoils. I am a big admirer of all Vincent Gallo's work, but I even hated his acting on this one.

  14. Ricardo Inov's rating of the film Tetro

    Tetro é um ótimo filme, pena que arrastaaaaaaaaado!

  15. Bill Arceneaux's rating of the film Tetro

    If you're a Coppola, traditional therapy is not necessary.

  16. Anne's rating of the film Tetro

    Vincent Gallo, I love you. Alden Ehrenreich, I love you. Everyone in and around this film, I love you.

  17. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Tetro

    TETRO is typically a movie to see several times in order to appreciate it completely. The screenplay is extremely well written and the title says it all if you think of it. A DVD zone "I should spare some time to see it again but I really don't know when". Recommended.

  18. Joaopa's rating of the film Tetro

    "The small details that define the identities (witness, for example, as over time Bennie going to look at the physical mannerisms and his brother, trying to be like him), the beautiful love story as a family and refinement with which it is performed (there is a plan that is not overly pretty) are essential for a film Tetro."

  19. preambles's rating of the film Tetro

  20. computerheat's rating of the film Tetro

  21. ConallVision's rating of the film Tetro

    I don't care too much for any of Coppola's other work, but I love this film!!!

  22. Adelarge's rating of the film Tetro

    A visually stunning experience, and a great performance by Gallo. It was nice to see Brandauer as the father and uncle; I've loved this actor ever since 'Mephisto', and although his role was a small one, his characters' shadows hang over the entire movie. As a main actor, Alden Ehrenreich didn't have much to work with, but you can't really blame him; as stated before, the screenplay isn't all that consistent.

  23. David Knowles's rating of the film Tetro

    Beautifully shot. I could have just watched out of focus light blobs on the screen for the whole movie. Premise was interesting if not a tad predictable. Vincent Gallo's performance reigned it all in though.

  24. Xurxo G Penalta's rating of the film Tetro