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Bewertungen & Rezensionen

  1. Tigrane Minassian's rating of the film Tetro

  2. denisegariani's rating of the film Tetro

  3. Tiago Dias's rating of the film Tetro

    ópera de um desastre familiar

  4. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Tetro

    The main attraction is the superb black and white cinematography by Mihai Malaimare Jr. Unfortunately, the story isn't on the same level as the arresting visuals. Clearly a very personal film for Coppola, but I wasn't able to share the affection and connection he had with these characters and setting, which can make the loose story pretty plodding. Not a terrible film, but it never coalesces into a satisfying whole.

  5. FilmFan<3's rating of the film Tetro

    Visually impulsive, which is fine with me.

  6. ramosbarajas's rating of the film Tetro

    The movie is amazing; the cinematography, the acting, the direction. I wasn't too content with the ending, but it's still great.

  7. David Smith 3.0's rating of the film Tetro

    Unbelievable, inspiring, and (For lack of a better word).....perfect. I loved this picture from start to finish, especially to finish

  8. Martine R. Leo's rating of the film Tetro

    This movie catched me form the start, Vincent Gallo is one of my favorite actors. He didnt disapoint me in this movie either. The character Bennie, was too much. I dont like Coppolas interpretation of teenagers like he does in the outsiders. And I get this small vibe of the same thing with the character Bennie. The ending is the weakest part of the hole movie. All over, this film is 4 out of 5.Iwant to marrie V.Gallo

  9. Andre A. Neves's rating of the film Tetro

    You watch Tales of Hoffman, decide to make a movie, and what we get is this self-indulgent meaningless piece of crap? There was a time your movies were truly original, like Tales of Hoffman, and I am very sorry this one is not.

  10. Ghazal Ahmadi's rating of the film Tetro

  11. Regal Siegel's rating of the film Tetro

    An inspired movie of fantastic homages, rich cinematography and surprisingly strong performances that eventually buckles under its own weight. It ingests better than it digests

  12. Theo Pappas's rating of the film Tetro

    Incredible cinematography, directing, and acting. The only problem for me was the story seemed to get lost and confused half way through the film.

  13. Øyvind Rype's rating of the film Tetro

    Gorgeous b/w cinematography, excellent sound design and music. Overall a distinctive directorial touch with a dreamlike feel to it. The problem is really the script, which doesn't really give their characters any space. They feel shallow, in spite of good acting. Look forward to see more from Gallo who's undoubtedly a gifted actor.

  14. Daman's rating of the film Tetro

  15. brown's rating of the film Tetro

    Looks nice. Starts nice. Gallo wasn't annoying but it loses it somewhere along the way.

  16. Andhika Eka Buana's rating of the film Tetro

    Coppola best achievement since The Godfather trilogy. At least according to me.

  17. Garry Eunson's rating of the film Tetro

    I really enjoyed this movie, & I'm not Coppola fan!

  18. Tony Pauletto's rating of the film Tetro

    Coppola's Tetro is like a contemporary Fellini. And like a Fellini, the story is dilluded by abstract asides so distracting that they exhaust the narrative. But while the plot points are sluggishly approached through this pretentious showmanship, the quaily of the performances and the marvelous cinematography are kept very well intact.

  19. Dorin Moldoveanu's rating of the film Tetro

    much better than I could've ever expected judging from his lately really bad films, but not close to his masterpieces.

  20. Dave's rating of the film Tetro

    The story isn't the strongest, or most original, but the direction is high quality as is to be expected from Coppola. A nice return to form.

  21. Agustin Alturria's rating of the film Tetro

  22. Phil Worfel's rating of the film Tetro

    A fantastic film with stunning cinematography that sort of trips and stumbles a bit finishing somewhat weakly. Certainly a breath of fresh Coppola air.

  23. Jordan Ghetler's rating of the film Tetro

    I feel like this film and Almodovar's Bad Education are similar in many ways. I prefer this film over the latter though.

  24. davandwar's rating of the film Tetro

    woww what an excellent film. Gallo's performance is heavy and thoroughly powerful. Stunning photography and beautiful score from Golijov, one of our most important contemporary composers.