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The 47 Ronin

元禄 忠臣蔵 | Genroku Chūshingura

Japan, 1941
Action, Drama, Geschichtsfilm

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Lord Asano resists a bribery attempt by Lord Kira, a member of the Shogun’s court. Lord Asano’s honesty, however, is useless against the corruption of the administration, and he is forced to commit harakiri while Lord Kira goes unpunished.

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The 47 Ronin Regie Kenji Mizoguchi


The 47 Ronin" is, simply, one of the great political films of all time… Mizoguchi builds the story to a crescendo of nobility and bloodshed through the intervention of a woman, the fiancée of one of the samurai, whose romantic concerns—though feared to be destructive of the samurai spirit—prove to be as noble, as principled, as courageous, as civic-minded, and as grand as those of the warriors.
May 02, 2014
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