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The Aspern Papers

USA, 2010

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A young American publisher sets off on a journey to the jungles of Venezuela to acquire the valuable and original manuscripts of his beloved poet, Jeffery Aspern. There he discovers the poet’s ancient muse, Juliana Bordereau, living in a dilapidated cocoa hacienda with her recluse niece, Tita.

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The Aspern Papers Regie Mariana Hellmund


This peculiar and ineffectual film shunts [Catherine Sloper] aside in favor of all manner of posturing, not just those between Rhys-Meyers and Redgrave, but a dippy if pictorial ménage-a-trois for the flashback Aspern and the eligible-single-ladies-packed salon life of Vint’s improbable (as rendered here, at least) Venice pal Mrs. Prest.
January 11, 2019
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