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The Babe

USA, 1992

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John Goodman stars as legendary ballplayer Babe Ruth, who pulled himself up from a childhood in reform school to become one of the most talented hitters ever to grace a baseball diamond. The biopic chronicles the Babe’s career as well as his demons.

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The Babe Regie Arthur Hiller

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  • Z's rating of the film The Babe

    John Goodman is such a wonderful actor as he has proven time and time again with his frequent Coen collaborations. His "Bambino" is a childlike man of large appetites and forceful, abusive rage that he is helpless to control. The film that surrounds Goodman is mediocre and unable to give dramatic shape or form to a complex individual's life. Goodman digs deep, but the film is not worthy of his effort. Unfortunate.

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