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The Battle of Chile

La batalla de Chile

Kuba, Frankreich, 1979

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A documentary film in 3 parts: The Insurrection of the Bourgeoisie (1975), The Coup d’état (1976), Popular Power (1979). It chronicles the political tension in Chile in 1972-1973 and the violent counterrevolution against the democratically elected socialist President Salvador Allende.

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The Battle of Chile Regie Patricio Guzmán
Shot on the ground, in the moment, The Battle of Chile is a collection of awe-striking footage that documents the political tension in Chile from Allende’s re-election to his death on September, 11th, 1973, when the military bombed the presidential palace and he had stayed on, alongside a handful of people who stood by him, to rightfully defend his government and his people.
January 03, 2016
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The Battle of Chile is a right-place-at-the-wrong-time filmmaking feat that couldn’t very well be duplicated, and Guzmán has never tried to replicate its boots-on-the-ground performance.
October 30, 2015
The camera in The Battle of Chile is darting, eager, and voracious, the images it captures possessed of a coiled intensity of focus (partly, no doubt, because the film’s economical guerrilla shooting methods prohibited retakes).
June 23, 2015
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