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The Beguiled

USA, 2017
Drama, Western

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A Union soldier is held captive in a Confederate girl boarding school, and begins to con himself to each of their hearts.

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The Beguiled Regie Sofia Coppola
Sofia Coppola’s anaemic re-envisioning of Don Siegel’s 1971 The Beguiled was there, deliciously arch in its delivery but risking little so that her foray into sensual Southern Gothic ultimately felt just too nice,
September 20, 2017
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The film has been heralded as an epiphanic work by her apostles and derided as a stilted retreading by her detractors. The truth is probably somewhere nearer the middle. With her usual immaculate compositions, simmering undercurrent of disquietude, and aural fixations, Coppola makes a convincing argument that she’s one of America’s most aesthetically consistent auteurs, though not necessarily one its greats.
July 28, 2017
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It’s a steamy scenario, but the film proceeds matter-of-factly through chores, lessons, meals, and prayers. It emphasizes languid procedure even as its dark comedy of manners turns to Gothic horror. Editor Sarah Flack, who started out working with Soderbergh, has pared this story down to its essentials. It’s just action and consequence, one following the other like day follows night.
July 24, 2017
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  • El Biffo's rating of the film The Beguiled

    This really would have been better if Coppola had made it into a high-production porn film. Instead, the sexual tension builds and builds, deliberately teasing the audience, but all we get are a couple of kissing scenes and then it turns creepy instead of sexy. But the production design, photography & costumes are all first-rate. It turns out to be even more pointless than a porn, but beautiful to look at anyway. 3.6

  • Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film The Beguiled

    This remake lacks the patience, ear, and mood of Siegel’s original. The snappier pace doesn’t make it more thrilling, but bleeds out the drama and elevated conflict, thus there’s no investment or tension raising in this cliff-notes version that rarely strays from it, often even feeling corny and awkward in its tone. Coppola’s scripts and style are often weaker than her acting in the 3rd Godfather film.

  • Zachary T.'s rating of the film The Beguiled

    From the very opening shot -- of a young girl picking mushrooms and humming idly on a forest path, as canons boom in the distance -- we know we're in the hands of a master filmmaker. This is Sofia's best film since "Lost in Translation." Kidman, Dunst and Farrell also give their most deliberate and thoughtful performances in years. Cannes' Prix de la mise en scène was well deserved.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film The Beguiled

    "De ce noi suntem atrase în mod irezistibil de bărbat care ne rănește și zdrobește?" Pe bază acestei întrebare a femeilor, "The Beguiled" descrie seducție și dominație de către masculinitate respingătoare și eliberare din asta. Dar lipsește impact în comparație cu original al lui Don Siegel. //“なぜ私たちは、自分を傷つけ踏みにじる男というものに抗いがたく心惹かれてしまうのか?”という女性たちの懊悩を軸に、有害な男性性による誘惑と支配、そしてそこからの脱却を描いた作品、だがドン・シーゲルのオリジナルに比べインパクトに欠けている。

  • Ana Sousa's rating of the film The Beguiled

    [Porto/Post/Doc'17] It certainly had way more room to expand into a much longer film but the way it goes straight to the point is also a part of its magic and why I loved it so much. The tenderness of these young girls contrasting with the desire for the unknown is something only a few can capture in such an enticing way.

  • HenriqueA's rating of the film The Beguiled

    I haven't watched the original (or even the last few Coppola films) but The Beguiled was almost all I expected it to be, and I expected it to be intelligent, lush, beautiful, understated and somewhat flawed. Everyone's very good (though I actually couldn't care much for Fanning, a perenial favorite of mine) but the only brilliant thing about it is Le Sourd's cinematography.

  • Palmat's rating of the film The Beguiled

    A stylish albeit slight effort from Coppola. The material is ripe with promise and there is enough erotic longing and gothic menace to keep things engaging but Coppola´s delivery falls short. The characters progression is too sketchy and motivation and consequence feels haphazard to a certain degree. Had the movie been longer I´m sure that these things could have been resolved and given us a more satisfying film.

  • elenagallen's rating of the film The Beguiled

    Perfectly crafted set-up. Cast and crew flow synchronically, organically, as secrets pulsate beyond the surface. But the Devil in disguise doesn't reveal himself. Our expectations are cheated. Then, KABOOM... a clumsy climax kills the magic and all seems arbitrary as the film sprints to an injustified ending -- gradually becoming a parody of itself.

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