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Die Parade des Todes

The Big Parade

Regie King Vidor
USA, 1925
Kriegsfilm, Drama, Komödie

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The idle son of a rich businessman joins the army when the U.S.A. enters World War One. He is sent to France, where he becomes friends with two working-class soldiers. He also falls in love with a Frenchwoman, but has to leave her to move to the frontline.

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Die Parade des Todes Regie King Vidor
Apart from its success and influence, The Big Parade remains an entertaining, funny, and moving film. Vidor’s scenes often run a remarkably long time, suggesting the rhythms of everyday life.
December 29, 2015
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A blockbuster in its day, it earns its legend status because of the startling WWI battle scenes, which are able to stun even modern, violence-saturated viewers with their frankness. The staged combat here influenced every war movie to follow, and traces can also be seen in everything from Ivan the Terrible to The Pianist, in a long shot of Gilbert hobbling around a blitzed French village.
August 27, 2014
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The soldier’s homecoming is from Griffith and goes right into Renoir (The River), the mother’s tearful recollection of her maimed boy’s life is Vidor’s alone. Wyeth’s Winter 1946 and Christina’s World comprise the ultimate analysis.
July 28, 2014
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