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Der blaue Drachen

Lan feng zheng

Hongkong, China, 1993

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On Dry Well Lane in Beijing in 1953, Chen Shujuan and Lin Shaolong marry. A year later their son, nicknamed Tietou (Iron Head), is born. The Party is everywhere: Mao’s photograph, loud-speaker announcements, visits from the neighborhood committee.

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Der blaue Drachen Regie Tian Zhuangzhuang


Part of Tian’s sublime achievement is an interweaving of the mordant tragicomedy of contemporary Chinese history with the morality and hopeful endurance of the mother (beautifully played by Lu Liping) without reducing either to the status of cliche, formula, or platitude. . . . In many respects Tian and his screenwriter are more interested in conveying what this life feels like than in proposing what it means.
September 16, 1994
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