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Das gefangene Herz

The Captive Heart

Großbritannien, 1946
Drama, Geschichtsfilm, Kriegsfilm

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After the evacuation at Dunkirk, June 1940, some thousands of British prisoners are sent to German P.O.W. camps. One such group includes “Capt. Geoffrey Mitchell,” a concentration-camp escapee who assumed the identity of a dead British officer…

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Das gefangene Herz Regie Basil Dearden


Easy from a modern standpoint to see such bucolic imagery as an essentially white middle-class fantasy, yet the very idea of a shared sense of nationhood, of values worth defending through years of suffering, still retains the power to move.
November 27, 2015

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  • Edna Sweetlove's rating of the film Das gefangene Herz

    Charmingly sentimental war movie about stiff upper lip Brits in a PoW camp thinking of their birds back home. Naturally it's slightly anti-German, but that's understandable in 1946. The British Senior Officer (played by Basil Radford) is a delighful retard whose main regret about 4 years in the camp is that he missed the Derby 4 times in a row. Michael Redgrave is good as an escaped Czech PoW masquerading... (cont.)

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