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The Challenge

Italien, Frankreich, 2016

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Die Geschichte der Falknerei geht über vierzig Jahrhunderte zurück. Im Westen erlebte sie eine Blütezeit in der mittelalterlichen Aristokratie, in der zeitgenössischen arabischen Kultur ist ihr Prestigecharakter unverändert. Yuri Ancarani überquert den Persischen Golf, um einen Falkner zu begleiten.

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The Challenge Regie Yuri Ancarani
This short documentary by Italian filmmaker Yuri Ancarani recalls some of Werner Herzog’s nonfiction work (La Soufrière, Lessons of Darkness) in that its subject matter feels almost secondary to its painterly imagery and philosophical mood. . . . This milieu might seem exotic in any case, but here it seems like something from a different planet; that Ancarai shows greater sympathy for animals than people only heightens the antihumanist vibe.
January 11, 2018
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Lynch found a good use for drones in Twin Peaks, while The Challenge — a droll portrait of extremely wealthy Qataris frittering away their time by pursuing the surprisingly expensive sport of competitive falconry — similarly used GoPros to excellent ends by strapping them to the heads of birds performing extremely vertiginous flights. Not quite Leviathan, but fairly close to temporarily experiencing what it’s like to be non-human.
January 09, 2018
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Images—presented without any explanatory titles or guiding narrative—are our primary guide to an ultra-elite world of privilege in the middle of the desert. There’s not much to distinguish the film’s exquisitely composed, opulent visions of the Middle East (shot by Jonathan Ricquebourg, Ancarani, and Luca Nervegna) from the images of flagrant excess you’d find in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog or a sleek, high-end fashion brand video circa 2008.
September 03, 2017
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