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The Country of the Deaf

Strana glukhikh

Frankreich, Russland, 1998
Komödie, Krimi, Drama

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Moscow 1998. Rita is on the run because her boyfriend can’t pay his mafia gambling debts. Jaja, a deaf nightclub dancer, offers Rita a place to hide. Rita finds herself involved in another kind of underground society – that of the deaf.

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The Country of the Deaf Regie Valeriy Todorovskiy

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  • AyynaMkay's rating of the film The Country of the Deaf

    well, to begin with this is a fully russian film, it has a russian mind, a russian way of thinking, a russian behaviour and a russian soul. at first, it may appear that, like everything russian, it has tendency to overact and overexpose. however, as the movie progresses it turns out it has been hiding it aces till the very end. to impress you, to move you. like everything that is russian.

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