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The Double

Großbritannien, 2013
Komödie, Drama, Thriller

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Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska star in writer-director Richard Ayoade’s updating of the famous Dostoevsky novella about a man who finds his life being usurped by his doppelganger.

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The Double Regie Richard Ayoade
The movie builds on a long history… Film has proven an effective medium for showing how easily we accept the absurdities and injustices of the workplace. The Double twists this vision further by locating a chronically absurd workplace in an even more absurd environment and allowing the two worlds to bleed into each other, so that the boundary between work and life becomes weirdly blurred.
May 09, 2014
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Despite its glum themes, the movie chugs along at a nice pace, and the script, by director Richard Ayoade and Avi Korine is filled with mordant and often colloquially vulgar comedy, which throws the already off-kilter proceedings into interesting relief. Ayoade, a comedic sensation in his native Britain, here applies his obvious intelligence and film-style-absorbing qualities to a better purpose than he did in his directorial feature debut, 2010’s teen-angst chronicle “Submarine”…
May 09, 2014
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Like a lucid nightmare on the subway at odd hours, The Double leaves one feeling intellectually stimulated, creatively charged, and close to existential panic. The second feature directed by Richard Ayoade is a dark and surreal comedy-thriller that takes a dizzying jaunt through cinematic and literary allusion, parody and paranoia.
May 07, 2014
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  • Eleanor Abernathy's rating of the film The Double

    i love love love movies about dopplegangers. although i did for a while get this confused with the movie with jake gyllenhall for a while, the tone of this film is very dark and funny. love the it crowd cameos!

  • Jye Sherwell's rating of the film The Double

    A cold & uninviting world. That's what he was going for, but I didn't want to spend time there. Eraserhead, Punch-Drunk Love, Brasil, Fight Club came to mind while watching this, but not in a good way. Godard said "It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to", & Ayoade didn't take his influences far enough away.Also I was bored. The next gen of film watchers might see this & think it's original.

  • Daniel Roque's rating of the film The Double

    This is like being inside Ayoade's awkward nightmare: the claustrophobic gloom makes you want to wake up as soon as possible, but somehow the aesthetics and familiar faces keep you comfortable enough to keep dreaming it.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film The Double

    Some directors are easier to admire than to like, and Richard Ayoade is kind of the opposite. I dig his comic timing and his cinephilia (Welles, Gilliam, and Scorsese are the touchstones here), and his direction is getting more expressive and elaborate (sophisticated?). But there's an inescapable thinness as well...time will tell if he has a great movie in him, or just likable pastiches. I'm rooting for the former.

  • anarresti's rating of the film The Double

    The first moments of the film are truly captivating. Instead of an opressive atmosphere, or a heavy bureaucratic aparatus, the focus is on an intimate awkwardness. We are brought close to the lead character in close-ups and profile tracking shots, and tension is created, even when some weird almost Brazil-like humour is sugested. This is a post-Fight Club film. And a good one. Dystopian, kafkian. Give us more Ayoade.

  • Matthew Martens's rating of the film The Double

    Not content to be a single double, Ayoade's adaptation of Dostoevsky is several, palely shadowing not only its original but also Gilliam, Kafka, Orwell, and even the Brothers Quay. It's frustrating to see this much style go to waste, but it's best not to kid oneself about it.

  • Palmat's rating of the film The Double

    Richard Ayoade = cinematic magpie. In Submarine he indulged his inner Wes Anderson (rather well I might add) and here he clearly riffs on Terry Gilliam's entire back catalogue. Stealing is alright as long as you do it right but here Ayoade barely keep things together. Production work is however stellar. Shame that the story and direction is a bit of a mess.

  • Ari's rating of the film The Double

    Camera work, dialogue, high contrast lighting and overall visual aesthetic feels like a big budget student film and quickly becomes tiresome with its obvious & heavy-handed dystopian retro chic straight out of Brazil (a 40s via 80s via 2010s). Film’s sole pleasure is its showcase of Eisenberg’s split acting personalities – the neurotic, shy, sensitive, & awkward versus the egotistical, aggressive, voluble, & smarmy

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