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The Driver

Regie Walter Hill
USA, 1978
Krimi, Drama, Action

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An enigmatic man of fast cars and few words, the Driver excels at maneuvering getaway cars, making him quite in demand in criminal circles. His notoriety infuriate the Detective, who becomes obsessed with taking him down. Luckily the Player, a resourceful woman, helps him elude the Detective.

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Driver Regie Walter Hill
This structure, this car frame, lets Walter Hill, in his second film, reach the peak of his austere stylised purifications of Hollywood genres. The car acts as a form of catalyst that allows European art influences to be integrated, synthesised within Hollywood action norms. Its conflation of vehicle and driver, exterior and interior, marries action and thought.
March 17, 2017
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Herein lies the beauty of what each character refers to as “the game.” The double-crossings and betrayals that make up most of The Driver are elemental to Hill’s gleaming neo-noir world, helping to forge intimate relationships that grow more intense as the film progresses. “I really like chasing you,” The Detective confesses, and even though he never says it outright, it’s clear that The Driver enjoys the pursuit.
August 09, 2013
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Hill’s filmmaking has a certain muscularity that, like John Carpenter’s, draws favorable comparisons to Howard Hawks—and there is a workmanlike quality to the direction in “The Driver” that, combined with its interest in almost archetypically masculine professionals, makes the parallel seem apt. But “The Driver” is hardly brusque, and in fact seems to approach something more expressive at the same time that it strips stylization away…
July 23, 2013
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