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  1. cin-e-phile22's rating of the film Driver

    This is exactly the kind of role that Ryan O'Neal was perfect for, it required him to reveal as little as possible. Isabelle Adjani plays the perfect quiet brooding ingenue with an upper lip to die for.Bruce Dern's character though is a litte goofy. The noir style is paired with action set pieces which gathered momentum since the days of Bullitt and Harper.A new style is born that reached its extreme in NWR's Drive.

  2. Mau's rating of the film Driver

    Muy buenas película policial. Un policía astuto. Un ladron mas astuto. Y en el medio todo el suspenso que una buena película debe tener.

  3. NCMBianchi's rating of the film Driver

    [more like 2.5] It is well shot, but the acting and storytelling are somehow tremendous (even Bruce Dern is caricatural).

  4. vitofreire's rating of the film Driver

    A minimalist, distantly cold and lightly Bressonian neo-noir haunted by the spirit of the western. Hill displays the psychopathologies of the american male mind here, putting the sports-obssessed, macho moral, car enthusiastic, cowboy ethics driven ideals of the lovers of freedom a little too close to homoeroticism. The tone given to this gravitates from cartoony to archetipycal, a delicious and fun interplay.

  5. mmassias's rating of the film Driver

  6. Lu Who's rating of the film Driver

    love the mood! very nice characters, great soundtrack. two words: bad - asssss

  7. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Driver

    Appreciate the timelessness of how cool this film is, the beauty of Isabelle Adjani forever etched into your eye vortex and brain, the phenomenal car chases, the role Bruce Dern should always do and the criminal unfairness that Ryan O’Neal and Walter Hill didn’t get a box office success. Sometimes love to a film come late but deserved. This is one of these times.

  8. fane2808's rating of the film Driver

    The ancestor of "Drive", more raw and less tech, with a Ryan O'Neal more Barry Lyndon than Love Story. Classic Walter Hill, with the two main male characters duelling each other and a femme fatale (pure French) on the side. And an end as open as the whole story on terms of (wrong) choices. Major car chases on the streets and bad guys really bad at shooting a gun. Enjoyable although seriously dated.

  9. Leonardo Neiva's rating of the film Driver

    An intense, very captivating and well filmed movie, clearly made ahead of its time.

  10. Pegarange's rating of the film Driver

    7/10. A really stylish and atmospheric result of the clash between the rawness of the '70s and the over-the-top aesthetics of the '80s.

  11. Giuliana Zaccarini's rating of the film Driver

    Very good driving... but that's all to me

  12. Andreea's rating of the film Driver

    So much fun; car chases with a hint of noir. Delightful!

  13. Megan Draper's rating of the film Driver

    Why are we watching this on 2019 when baby driver is right there

  14. Quattro's rating of the film Driver

    I love movies that are able to play with stereotypes like this – moving between well-established, hand-picked tropes to convey a precise experience to the viewer, one that can work both in itself and in a game of intertextuality within its genre. Hill's masterful direction doesn't waste a shot, nor a line of dialogue, achieving stylistic perfection through this very minimalism. Pure seventies gold.

  15. josé luis rangel's rating of the film Driver

    too many broken rules for this to be a film about honor. otherwise pretty cool.

  16. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Driver

    (3.5) Un buen guion dirigido de manera normal con la presencia de dos actores de gran valor para el momento: Adjani y O`Neal. La mùsica es mesurada y con un papel preciso, incluso sobresaliente, y unas escenas con pocos diàlogos y mucha acciòn visual o fìsica, que prueban la capacidad de contar sin necesidad de dar detalles insulsos... Un filme que puede ser menor pero que vale la pena haber visto...

  17. German's rating of the film Driver

    Un clásico. Hay que verla. Una curiosidad: en la persecución inicial, cerca de los 09:30 se ve claramente en varios planos que el auto ha perdido la tapa del baúl trasero. Sin embargo, luego se muestra que la tapa se desprende recién tres minutos más tarde, como consecuencia del disparo de uno de los policías.

  18. Franco's rating of the film Driver

    No destaca en absolutamente nada, pésimos diálogos, argumento predecible, actuaciones poco notables, la mismas caras durante todo el film

  19. José Fernando Cardoso's rating of the film Driver

    A true gem from the director of 'Warriors'.

  20. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Driver

    Adjani's beauty hits right away, like Neal's physique, so close, 40y later, of GOSLING's. 2 Ryans, 2 sides of the same coin. Driver inspired BESSON & REFN (Drive). DERN, as a disturbed cop, just great ==== La beauté d'Adjani frappe de suite, comme le physique de Neal, si proche, 40a + tard, de GOSLING. 2 Ryan, 2 facettes d'une même pièce. Driver a inspiré BESSON (Transporteur), & REFN. Chapeau à DERN, en flic dérangé

  21. nuserky's rating of the film Driver

  22. Lily Parmenter's rating of the film Driver

    Badass is definitely the word to describe this film! Ryan O'Neil oozes that 70s swagger. Only potential regret as compared to Drive would be the lack of soundtrack, but I only noticed towards the end, so clearly it wasn't missing much.

  23. lesminho's rating of the film Driver

  24. JonesJett's rating of the film Driver

    Cool looking classic. Lots of screeching tires and beautiful, 70's action scenes

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