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The Getaway

USA, 1972
Krimi, Drama

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Der frühzeitig aus dem Gefängnis entlassene Doc McCoy raubt mit seiner Frau eine Bank aus. Mit der Beute fliehen sie nicht nur vor der Polizei, sondern auch vor ihrem Komplizen und vor Handlangern des korrupten Sherriffs Benyon. Eine Jagd beginnt, bei der Verfolger und Verfolgte über Leichen gehen.

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Getaway Regie Sam Peckinpah


Of all Sam Peckinpah’s films, the violence of The Getaway often strikes me as the most senseless. This is heightened only because the film lacks the same sensitive backing as his previous works, a reality only compounded watching multiple films of his at Locarno this past week. For all the awful massacres and heart-wrenching deaths found in his work, somehow The Getaway feels heightened by incredible anger.
August 13, 2015
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What appears as a straightforwardly stylish and violent action film, starring Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw, turns out to be the result of much push-and-pull in board rooms, in editing rooms, and on location. The hallmark of Peckinpah’s fierce aesthetic is a hysterical restraint in the face of violence; it plays like a poignant response to a way of life—and of work.
March 21, 2013
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Hill’s screenplay, dedicated “to Raoul Walsh,” is taut, fast-paced and chilling… On the whole, the characters in The Getaway, including the principals, are depicted as sordid, grubby, essentially conscienceless psychopaths, pretty much lacking in either basic human scruples or redeeming social value. But far and away the most repellent —— and fascinating —— character in the script is “Fran,” the veterinarian’s distinctly polymorphous-perverse wife.
October 12, 1972
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